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Virgin Mobile was the cell phone of choice everywhere around the world except in the United States. Needless to say they wanted to own this market as well. The brief was simple : Break through everything, make a mark, and throwdown to every other cell provider that there is a new brand in town and it wants to party. Oh, and explain all the legalise minutia about how text-by-the-minute and pay-as-you-go works in a fun and funny way.


The media buy was exclusively MTV so the work had to disrupt on a network where everything is trying to disrupt everything else.


The launch was a big hit. In fact, the biggest wireless launch in history, with Virgin Mobile the fastest brand to 1 million subscribers ever. It became the first brand to crash American Idol's AT&T text campaign. 


To this day, the work is part of the marketing curricula at UCLA and VCU.

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